Assam Health Minister Himanta Sharma Says Cancer Strikes Those Who Sin

Himanta Biswa Sharma, BJP’s strategist of northeast and Assam health minister has been criticized and has been insulted by his former Congress colleagues, for linking the diseases that a person has with their past life. The Congress leader stated, “Accidents and all the life-threatening diseases are because of the sins that the person had committed […]

Tesla Brings In Its Electric Roadster Car And Electric Truck, And It Seems To Be Overwhelming

Tesla, the world’s famous company for electric vehicles, unveiled the prototype of the electric truck. Its production will begin from 2019. The company has introduced a roadster car as well. These are presented by the company’s CEO Elon Musk at the US-based design studio. Coming on the development, Tesla claims that the semi-electric truck is […]

Dutch Offshore Wind Farm Designers In Discussion To Trade Green Energy To Corporates

Energy firms constricting wind farms off the Dutch coast are discussing to trade some of their green power straightly to huge companies rather than providing it to the wholesale sector, they claimed to the media. Makers of offshore wind farms have conventionally depended on government subsidy transactions to guarantee revenue, but considerable slashes in support […]

Detect Malaria Yourself In Seconds At Just Rs 10

Recognition of malaria, the ordinary mosquito-bear disease, might turn out to be affordable and take consume seconds with a fresh moveable device, the achievement of scientists from two institutes in Kolkata. A group of scientists from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering and Management, claim to […]