Assam Health Minister Himanta Sharma Says Cancer Strikes Those Who Sin

Himanta Biswa Sharma, BJP’s strategist of northeast and Assam health minister has been criticized and has been insulted by his former Congress colleagues, for linking the diseases that a person has with their past life. The Congress leader stated, “Accidents and all the life-threatening diseases are because of the sins that the person had committed […]

Among 119 Countries, India Ranks 100 Down 45 Positions Since 2014: Global Hunger Index

More than one fifth, approximately 21%, of India’s children are underweight. However, in the 2017 Global Hunger Index (GHI), the rank has slipped three places to hundredth (100) from ninety seventh (97) as compared to last years. International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) released the Global Hunger Index of 2017, and seeing the statistics, it […]

Detect Malaria Yourself In Seconds At Just Rs 10

Recognition of malaria, the ordinary mosquito-bear disease, might turn out to be affordable and take consume seconds with a fresh moveable device, the achievement of scientists from two institutes in Kolkata. A group of scientists from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology in collaboration with the Institute of Engineering and Management, claim to […]