EaseUS Data Recovery Software: The Finest Recovery Software

Data recovery software are in a high demand in today’s time, as people are constantly losing hold of their data. Data is extremely fragile and can be lost easily. In order to make sure your data is safe, you need to make use of data recovery software.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software

One of the finest data recovery software, which can help you is the EaseUS Data Recovery software. The software is critically acclaimed by user’s, and make use of a simplified and automated recovery process. This is achieved through advanced algorithms and interactive interface.

The data recovery process is easier with EaseUS recovery software, as it can recover files from almost all sort of situations, including hard disk failure, virus attacks, system crash, OS crash, hard disk crash, virus attacks, human errors, partition loss etc. The software is compatible to recover all files, including compressed, video, music and document files. It also has a wide range of storage devices that it is compatible with.

Different Packages

The software is available for free on the official website, and this version of the software features full functionality of the software. There is only one limitation that you can only recover 2 GB worth of data. If you wish to recover more data, you need to purchase either of the three packages, which are Pro, Pro+WinPe and Technical package. All these packages come with additional technical support and unlimited amount of data recovery. The technical package also comes with the technical license, which allows the user to redistribute the software further with their colleagues or clients.

Scanning Process

The scanning process is mostly automatic, all that you need to do is select the storage device where you wish to conduct the search. Once it has been selected, all you need to do is sit back and relax. The software will automatically initiate the quick scan mode, which will allow for a quick recovery of recently lost files. All files will be retrieved in a few minutes. If your chosen file is not in these results, you can wait for the second part of the scanning process, the deep scan mode.

The deep scan mode is a much more advanced mode, which dives deep into the memory, looking for data remnants, left behind by previously deleted files. It locates them and recompiles them into the original files. Due to the advanced nature, it takes more time but gives assured results.

Multiple Options

Once the results are displayed, you can choose to recover them by a simple click. You may also filter the results, if you are having trouble in locating the file. If you are not sure about the file name, the preview feature can be used to view the contents of the file, or listen/view any sort of media files. You can also recover from these results later on by exporting all the results on your system. If you have recently lost your important files, this is the recovery software you must go for!