Indigo Airlines Asked To Pay Passenger/Customer Rs 58,000 Over Flight Cancellation

Cancelling a journey/flight or refusing to board to a flier is going to charge a lot for domestic airlines as per the latest guidelines by the aviation controller (DGCA) Directorate General of Civil Aviation offers huge compensation in such cases. Based on the revised recompense norms, which are effectual from August 1, an airline should pay up to Rs 8,000–10,000 to a flier if by any circumstances they cancel or delay a flight for more than 2 Hours, while the recompense for not letting a passenger to board the airplane stands for around Rs 20,000.

As of now, airlines offer a skimpy sum of up to Rs 4,000 to 5,000 for both cancelling a flight and denied boarding. The modified compensation has been functional after wide-ranging consultations with every stakeholder which consist of the airlines. Fliers body, (APAI) Air Passengers Association of India founder and D Sudhakara Reddy (president), on the other hand, has stated that the latest norms leave few grey areas which required to be addressed. Airlines should pay a compensation of around Rs 4, 000–5,000 or book one-way basic ticket plus fuel price, any of which is cancelled/delayed flights having a obstruct time of up to one to two hour extra to repay the ticket price, in case a passenger has not been updated by the airlines according to the DGCA norms and regulations.

In any circumstances, if an airline delays or cancels its flight by 1 Hour or up to 2 Hours, the compensation sum will be Rs 8,000 or they need to book one-way basic ticket fare plus fuel price, either of them is less, besides the refund sum, as per the revised norms. A sum of Rs 10,000 or booked one-way ticket basic fare also in addition to this the airline fuel price, whichever is lesser, will be the reimbursement for flights. These particular hours will be calculated as an airline’s on-time performance (OTP) in addition to determining the reimbursement of a flight getting delayed or cancelled.###