Toyota Keeps In-House The Game-Changing Battery Tech

Anybody with even a superficial interest in electric car technology will understand and know how significant the growth of enhanced batteries is to the uptake of electric cars and for the future of electric cars as the substitute for combustion engine cars in a satisfactory quantity of time.

Toyota Keeps In-House The Game-Changing Battery Tech

At present, Toyota is already operating in association with Mazda to design a toolbox of elements that the vehicle producers can take benefit of when designing their own electric cars. Denso is then a 3rd collaborator in the joint venture, which goes beneath the poster of EV Common Architecture Spirit.

Previously, at the Tokyo Motor Show this week, Kiyotaka Ise, chief safety technology officer of Toyota, claimed to the media, “We are working together with Mazda on a devoted electric car architecture, but we are holding in-house the study on solid state batteries.”

Even though Ise will not say when any cars based on this collaborative new architecture would be exposed, he did verify that they might be using present generation batteries made up of lithium-ion, but might also be capable of accommodating future solid-state tech batteries as well. Toyota has not put a solid date on it, but it is broadly anticipated that Toyota models sporting solid-state batteries will be rolled out sometime early in the upcoming decade.

Didier Leroy, the Executive Vice President of TMC (Toyota Motor Corporation), thinks that his company is the director in terms of solid-state battery technology when it comes to intellectual property. He has also persuaded the technology a “game-changer” as far as radically enhancing the driving range of electric cars is considered that inevitably is a major factor for users accepting electric car as a practical option to usual diesel and fuel vehicles.

Toyota presently has more than 200 employees operating on solid-state batteries that are still supported by lithium ion technology but are capable of working at higher temperatures as compared to the present lithium ion batteries, and are hence smaller as they do not need cooling.

Well, for now, all eyes are on Toyota as to when it will roll out the technology in the market.

Reliance Jio Sets Ground For One More Fight

The newbie of the telecom sector has called upon the telecom watchdog to cut rates of international call termination to 6 Paise each minute, and then to nil, altering its position and breaking ranks with bigger contenders who need the charges to be stepped up from 53 Paise at present to Rs 1, setting the grounds for one more bitter war between the two sides.

Reliance Jio Sets Ground For One More Fight

At present, share is approximately Rs 5,000 Crore of income from international incoming calls, most of which are ended on the networks of the Big 3—Vodafone, Bharti Airtel, and Idea Cellular—who regulate more than 60% of wireless user base of India, and thus might one more time take a hit by any decision to reduce or scrap the ITR (international termination rate). This rate is given by the overseas carrier, on which the call sources, to the domestic operator.

Jio has called for a sharp lowering in ITR due to the rising fame of OTT calls (FaceTime audio, WhatsApp calls, and many more), which are complimentary. A reduction in ITR will lower the price of calls to India, even though they will still not be as affordable as calls carried over over-the-top (OTT) apps. Apart from this, Jio feels that ITR must be the same as the local IUC (interconnect usage charge), which has been lowered from October 1, 2017, to 6 Paise per minute.

The views of new entrant on the fee given by overseas carriers for terminating international calls in India appeared to have taken the bigger operators by shock. “Reliance Jio has requested for similar charge for international and domestic, which is now at discrepancy with what the remaining membership is deciding on, which is an elevated termination fee,” claimed director general of the Cellular Operators Association of India, Rajan Mathews, to the media in an interview.

The lobby organization that represents all huge telecom companies comprising Jio was present last week at the workshop. It had claimed last week that all providers, included Jio, wished ITR to be increased to Rs 1. COAI also wished ITR to be increased to Rs 3.50 in the subsequent stage.

Kaspersky Lab Claims It Will Present Software For Independent Evaluation

Kaspersky Lab will request individual parties to carry out safety reviews of its extensively utilized anti-virus software to assist dispel blames that the government of Russia employs the software to carry out spying, the Moscow-located firm claimed this week to the media. Kaspersky claimed in a statement that it might present the source code of its product and updates of the future product for evaluation in accordance with various stakeholders and the broader information-security community. It also pledged to have outside parties evaluate other features of its commerce, including development of the software.

Kaspersky Lab Claims It Will Present Software For Independent Evaluation

Opinions of the software, which is employed on almost 400 Million PCs all over the world, will start by the quarter one of 2018, the firm claimed. The firm did not name the exterior reviewers, but claimed in a statement that it might soon declare parties with sturdy qualifications in assurance testing and software security for cyber-security items. Donald Trump’s, the President of the U.S., management last month banned government organizations from employing anti-virus products of Kaspersky Lab, mentioning concerns that the firm was defenseless to Kremlin control and that employment of its software might risk national security.

Kaspersky has frequently refused those blames, claiming it has not assisted Russia or other governments connect in spying. The decision of Trump management indicated a sharp answer to what the U.S. intelligence organizations have defined as a threat for national security caused in cyberspace by Russia, following the U.S. election year stained by accusations that Moscow weaponized the Internet in a bid to manipulate its results. Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer, claimed in a statement that he thought the steps declared this week might assist reinstate trust in his firm.

“We need to display how we are fully transparent and open,” he claimed. “We have nothing to conceal.” The firm claimed it might open transparency hubs in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. where governments, users, and others can access outcomes of the exterior reviews and talk about any concerns regarding the security of Kaspersky software.

It also claimed that it might develop a program where it pays individual security scientists to find safety vulnerabilities in its goods.

As Deadly Smog Cover Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal Asks Minister To Shut Down Schools

Few days holiday has been declared in schools by Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal as a thick blanket of smog covered the capital city today. The top medical body was compelled to declare “public health emergency” seeing the thick blanket of smog over the city.

Education Minister Manish Sisodia said, Mr Kejriwal asked me to consider closing the schools for few days considering the bad weather condition through his tweet. Almost every year, at this time of the year, Delhi turns into a gas chamber, Mr Kejriwal said in his tweet and also seeks for a solution to this bad condition of weather.

The annually held half marathon has been called off, to protect runners and volunteers from the high levels of deadly particles present in the air. The half marathon was to be held by “The Indian Medical Association” on November 19, 2017.

This morning, the residents of Delhi woke up to a thick haze, due to which some experienced irritation in nose, throat and eyes.

Central Pollution Control Board has marked any reading above 100 to be unhealthy. To measure the concentration of poisonous particulates the air quality index is referred. In Delhi, this level has hit 451 on the scale of 500. This is a serious level, which Delhi’s air quality has reached to.

According to real-time air quality index of US embassy, some part of Delhi’s air quality was very poor and was even beyond the maximum level of air pollution.

PM2.5 the fine pollutant’s level that are most harmful to health reached 703, according to the website of the embassy. This is double the permissible level and is considered as hazardous for health.

In RK Puram area, the level was at 999, no further readings are available. Chairman for chest surgery at Ganga Ram Hospital Mr Arvind Kumar said this level is way too high and is equal to almost having 50 cigarettes in a day.

Millions of children last year were forced to stay at home and long queues were seen outside medical shops for buying masks as Delhi was struggling with fighting against the worst condition of air pollution ever seen in Delhi.

Besides farm burnings in north India, bursting of firecrackers and dusts from construction sites, and smoke emitted from vehicles were cited as the main causes of such weather condition.

Rabri Devi Skips ED Summons In Hotel Scam

Rabri Devi (ex-Bihar chief minister) on last Wednesday skipped her planned appearance prior to the Enforcement Directorate in association with its capital vale ting survey in the railway hotels allotment fraud case, as said by the officials. The central survey agency, has now asked her to show herself on October 16, 2017. Rabri Devi, the present wife of RJD chief Lalu Prasad, has previously skipped twice the ED summonses in this case. It was not right away clear if she delivered any reason for her nonappearance on last Wednesday. The ED on last Tuesday questioned Rabri Devi son and ex-Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav for about ten hours in association with this case. The CBI has also lately recorded the proclamation of Lalu Prasad and Tejashwi Yadav in this case. The ED had registered a scandalous case aligned with the Lalu Prasad relatives, family members and others who are under the provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) a while back. It had previously questioned a several public in this issue, which include the wife of ex-UPA minister, P C Gupta.

Rabri Devi Skips ED Summons In Hotel Scam

The organization had taken cognizance of a CBI FIR in this concern to instigate its own illegal complaint. In July 2017, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had lodged a scandalous FIR and conducted several searches against Lalu Prasad Yadav (ex-Bihar chief minister) and other members. The ED will inspect the alleged “proceeds of misdemeanor” spawned by the accused, allegedly through shell companies, added officials. Tejashwi Yadav, Rabri Devi, and others will be investigated by the organization with several accusation charges filed in (the ECIR), the ED equal of a police FIR. The case goes back to the time when Lalu Prasad Yadav was the railway minister under the UPA Government. Others names in the CBI FIR consist of: Vinay Kochhar, Vijay Kochhar (they are both the directors of the Sujata Hotels), Delight Marketing corporation, now called as Lara Projects, and the then IRCTC managing director is P K Goel. The ED, working under the PMLA, has the powers to attach and take away ruined assets and it is projected that the organization will instigate such a move once it makes development in the case.




Ola In Talks To Raise Approx. $2 Billion Funding From Tencent

Ola, the country’s largest cab service delivering company through the app, has raised $1.1 Billion in funding through China’s Internet Company Tencent and is now negotiating the final round with investors for $1 Billion.

In the current funding round, the value of Ola has been valued at about $4 Billion. Sources familiar with the company’s plan said that Ola wants to complete financing of $2 Billion by the end of this year.

  Ola In Talks To Raise Approx. $2 Billion Funding From Tencent

Ola said that the current investor Softbank and new American financial investors have participated in financing $1.1 Billion through Tencent. However, Ola refuses to mention the names of new investors that are onboard.
It had been reported in July that Tencent is negotiating for the final round of investment in Ola.

Ola will get the strength to stay ahead of its rival in India with new funding. Along with this, it will also be able to focus on its electric vehicle project.
Uber and Ola are also working on integrating their applications with Public Transportation Services.

Ola’s executives said that the company is expected to hold its electric vehicle project in six months. An executive said, “The company has so far planned to start its electric vehicle project in major metro cities, but due to some problems related to technology and infrastructure, the project is facing difficulties, and now Ola is expected to start this project in six months.”

Sofa’s Electric Vehicle Project was promised by SoftBank’s Chief Executive Masayoshi Sun. Japan’s Softbank has the largest share in Ola. However, this American company is also negotiating to buy a big stake in Uber.

Uber’s executives said that the company is focusing on the expansion of new cities in India as well as enhancing its food delivery service, UberEats and motorcycle taxi services, UberMoto. The presence of Uber is in many big cities of the world.
However, it would be interesting to see what additional efforts Indian-based Ola will contribute in terms of a government-led target of making India green by 2030, as this will help Ola to make its hold more strong in the market.

Apple Shares Jump To A Record High Owing To iPhone X

Shares of Apple Inc. jumped to a record high last week as more experts set a trillion-dollar capitalization on the firm, after a blowout quarter four and an optimistic forecast that canceled investor concerns regarding the iPhone X. The stock jumped to $174.26 by as much as 3.7%, briefly crossing $900 Billion in market worth, in the middle of rejection in the broader market. The profits added almost $32 Billion to the market value of the company.

The Cupertino-based firm also predicted a sturdy holiday quarter in advance, which will involve the iPhone X that began trading last week. “We see iPhone X opening pent-up iPhone upgrading, particularly in China, driving over 20% iPhone unit expansion and an earnings and revenue beat in the next year,” claimed Katy Huberty, analyst of Morgan Stanley, to the media in an interview. The “glass and steel” $999 smartphone seemed to have brought again the frenzy linked with iPhone roll outs. Long queues formed outside Apple shops all over the world as fans gathered to buy the new smartphone.

The firm will make 30 Million iPhone X units at the time of the present quarter, Nomura industry analysts predicted, putting to rest the production dilemmas connected to the handset. IPhone X’s roll out follows weeks of worries amongst experts about the manufacture of the handset, which for the first time comprises new software for facial identification to restore the fingerprint utilized on previous smartphones.

Apple claimed last week that it anticipates revenue of the quarter one to $87 Billion from $84 Billion, at the high end of average expectation of the analysts for $84.18 Billion, as per the media. “We had feared that leadership might be weaker, representing just 9 weeks of the flagship iPhone X and restrictions on supply,” industry analyst Toni Sacconaghi claimed to the media in an interview. At least 13 brokerages lifted their cost targets on the share, with Citigroup making the most optimistic decision by lifting its cost target to $200 by $30.

Out of the 37 analysts that followed the share, 31 had a “buy”, or more rating. Nobody had a “sell.”

Belkin Rolls Out Boost Up Qi Supported Wireless Charging Pad

Just when the time has arrived for the iPhone X to begin shipping, Belkin has rolled out its Qi supported wireless charging pad, Boost Up, with a price tag of Rs 2,999. The device was previously rolled out at the launch of Apple iPhone X alongside wireless charging pad of Mophie. It is the company’s 2/3rd of party wireless charging pads. The very own AirPower of company will be rolled out early in 2018.

It is a 5W entry-level wireless charging pad for Qi supported gadgets that also makes sure faster speed of charging. The device is certified by Qi and comes with and output of 5W/1-amp for fast charging. The top part of the wireless charging pad sports a soft texture that avoids the gadget from slipping and from receiving scratched. A smartphone will be capable of getting wirelessly charged even with lightweight cases of almost 3mm thick. Not just the newly rolled out Apple devices, the Belkin Boost Up is well-matched with all the other Qi supported gadgets, mainly tablets and smartphones. The gadget is accessible in Imagine stores and Reliance Digital shops in addition to Amazon India website.

The iPhone X which was declared this year in September and is already up for pre-orders all over the world. The iPhone X has FaceID fueled by facial recognition to iPhones. Apple says that FaceID is fueled by system of TrueDepth camera on the front. This FaceID substitutes the TouchIDs based on fingerprint that made their entrance in 2013 in iPhones with iPhone 5S. The iPhone X also has new language for gesture wherein consumers require to swipe up to land on the home screen.

iPhone X is the first ever handset form the company to have an OLED display with HDR10 support and Dolby Vision. The smartphone sports edge-to-edge 5.8-inch Super Retina display with pixels resolution of 2436 x 1125. iPhone X features dual optical image stabilization with dual 12 MP + 12 MP rear cameras and operates on iOS 11. There is an aperture of f/1.8 on the wide-angle camera and an aperture of f/2.4 on the telephoto camera.

LinkedIn Launches Smart Replies to Make Messaging Easier

LinkedIn has been continually updating its experience of browsing on both mobile and desktop versions. The Microsoft-controlled professional linking platform has now upgraded its messaging facility for mobile and desktop users with the launching out of a fresh feature dubbed as “Smart Replies.” As the name recommends, Smart Replies are similar to the automatic replies that we have witnessed with Gmail service of Google. The firm utilizes AI to discover what replies to recommend if somebody asks queries if they are free at a specific time of the week or when to meet.

LinkedIn Launches Smart Replies to Make Messaging Easier

“To assist you save a tad bit of time and more simply reply to your texts, we have made our suggestions of reply smarter. Utilizing machine learning, we will display you recommendation that are more relevant and contextual to the chat you are having. We will recommend at max 3 responses on the basis of the text you have got,” claims senior product manager at LinkedIn, Arpit Dhariwal, to the media in an interview. LinkedIn claims that in the forthcoming days, it will be converting Smart Replies more relevant and personal on the basis of what consumers speak of.

“While the new aspect stands to make it simpler to clean up overflowing inboxes of LinkedIn faster, it is also the newest way the firm is making good on its pledge to introduce its service with additional artificial intelligence at the back of acquisition from Microsoft,” claimed Dhariwal. Smart Replies have begun launching out in English initially on the desktop and mobile app of the company. Support of other languages will come into picture afterward. The feature comes as an alternative, so consumers from the settings page can switch it off if they do not wish to use it.

As per a report from last month, India includes of 2nd biggest user base of LinkedIn with more than 42 Million consumers. In August 2017, LinkedIn rolled out LinkedIn Video. Consumers can post and record videos. They can even view who is seeing their posts of video. In addition to the option to record clips, consumers can even post videos they previously have recorded.

Digital Modernism in Recruitments to Be New Normal

Organizations all over are opting more for adoption and automation of chatbots, and live digital interviews will put on additional momentum in upcoming couple of years, claims a report. As per a worldwide survey by KellyOCG, almost 55% of respondents involving 522 firms all over the world (comprising India), think that digital modernism for recruitments is going to be the fresh normal. “While companies are struggling with shortage of talent, there are more and more passive job hunters than ever before. This condition is boosting organizations to accept digital procedures,” Francis Padamadan, Country Director at KellyOCG India, claimed to the media in an interview.

Digital Modernism in Recruitments to Be New Normal

Padamadan additionally claimed that while many organizations are in the premature levels of recruiting automation, some are by now on the progressive & advanced stage and such vanguard innovators or organizations experience less hiring hurdles as compared to the organizations with more conventional approaches. Internationally, companies are employing technologies such as ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to electronically collect applications, CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system to improve the experience of the candidate, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and backend automation.

In addition to this, as 1/3rd of job hunters all over the world have searched for a job via their mobile handsets, mobile-controlled ATS is also turning out to be an important tech for firms, the report claimed to the media. It further added that 1 in 5 organizations intend using automation and AI in the upcoming 2 Years. According to the report, chatbots are having a huge role in strategic work such as bot-run interview prep class, recruiting concierge, responses to candidates, and talent community management. One more technology that has discovered large-scale acceptance is live digital interviewing. Almost 46% of those studied claim that they will in the upcoming couple of years utilize live digital interviewing.

“Candidates are turning out to be like users and companies are known that candidate relationship management will distinguish their company brand in the industry. Therefore, they have launched in automation and those who have used digital procedures are getting optimistic results. Complete computerization will be the way ahead,” claimed Padamadan.