Tesla Brings In Its Electric Roadster Car And Electric Truck, And It Seems To Be Overwhelming

Tesla, the world’s famous company for electric vehicles, unveiled the prototype of the electric truck. Its production will begin from 2019. The company has introduced a roadster car as well. These are presented by the company’s CEO Elon Musk at the US-based design studio.

Coming on the development, Tesla claims that the semi-electric truck is capable of attaining the speed of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5 Seconds. Up to 40 Tons of weight can be carried on this truck. With a high payload capacity, it can move at the speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The company’s CEO claims that this truck is the safest and comfortable truck. Its price is yet to be disclosed. Compared to diesel-powered trucks, the expenditure for the distance of 1 kilometer is less than 20%. Once the full charge is done, it can distance up to 800 Kilometers with maximum weight. And with the charge of 30 Minutes through a mega charger, it can travel up to 400 Kilometers. It has features such as automatic braking system and lane tracking in addition to a most advanced feature—its nuclear explosion-proof windshield glasses.

Tesla Roadster electric car

This car was also launched during the roll out of the truck. It is the company’s first electric sports car. The top speed is more than 400 kilometers per hour, as indicated by the company. The fully charged car can cover 1,000 Kilometers.

In just 1.8 Seconds, it can catch the speed of 0 to 96 kilometers per hour. Tesla’s CEO also claimed that this car would be able to run faster than the speed of the plane.

The price factor of both the Tesla’s products is yet to be revealed. Whereas, Tesla isn’t the only company to introduce such cutting-edge products that meet future-based demand. There is recent addition of fuel-cell powered truck by the Nikola Motor Company. Similarly, the diesel engine manufacturer, Cummins, has also unveiled Class 7 electric truck. And, Class 8 truck was developed by Canada-based Loblaw Companies Limited.

The efforts of these electric vehicle manufacturers have been appreciated by consumers on a high note.###