If your 2020 goal is to outshine the competition of your industry, you can start by revolutionizing your marketing strategy. Incorporating the latest in technology and software should be a priority for business owners in the new year if you want to remain relevant to consumer demands and competitive in the online landscape.

2 Tips to Expand Your Marketing Potential

Make the Most of Artificial Intelligence

This is not an entirely new concept, but the data shows that this trend is going to increase in use and popularity. The use of AI will go beyond your typical expectations of data analysis, as there are robots that are now able to patrol parking lots, read license plates, and document and report suspicious activity. Though your company may not need a parking lot patrol, your marketing strategy will be more effective if you allow AI to analyze social media and purchasing trends, but it will also bring your company a competitive advantage, allow you to expand into new areas of growth, keep you on par with your competition, and meet the customer demand for more AI operations.

Take Communication to a New Level

Although chatbots fall under the umbrella use of AI-technology, this function uses instant messaging features to communicate with customers or website visitors at any time of day. Seasoned professionals in digital marketing, such as Eyal Gutentag, realize the power of digital connectivity with customers for promoting the company brand. It is estimated that chatbots will save businesses over $8 billion a year, but that 63% of consumers prefer to message with a chatbot rather than speak to a representative with the business or brand. Chatbots offer services like answering basic questions, taking payments, and 24-hour service.

You need to jump on board with these two marketing trends if your company is going to thrive. These areas are driven by consumer and financial demand, making them worth your time and investment.