These last few weeks of social distancing have been trying at best. With worries over job stability, finances and knowing you can’t control any of it, stress levels are at an all-time high. Finding ways to improve your mood while in quarantine is important to avoid a negative impact on your health. Here are four stress-busters you can employ right now to help lighten the burden.

4 Ways to Relieve Stress Due to Quarantine

Kick It Up

If you’ve ever tried kickboxing Jersey City NJ, then you know exactly how good it feels! Kicking relieves a lot of tension and is a great strength workout. If you’re isolated at home, you can still practice those moves that have you so pumped-up in class. Kicking your day into high gear is an excellent distraction from so much worry.

Spend Time in Nature

You may not be able to visit friends right now, but one place you are allowed is the great outdoors. Mother nature is safe as long as you practice social distancing. If you’re stressed, try taking a hike. Just getting out into the fresh air and sunshine can put everything back into perspective.

Watch a Funny Movie

One of the quickest and most entertaining ways to alleviate a heavy heart is to watch a hilarious movie or your favorite comedian. Tuning in to some long-forgotten stand-up shows might not solve all your problems, but it can make you feel worlds better.

Dance It Out

When you’re stressed and uptight, work out some of that frustration to music. Get a spot all to yourself, put on some headphones and let loose! Busting a few moves to songs with a great beat will dissolve some of that built-up pressure.

Take Every Measure

This is a difficult time and it’s very understandable to feel overloaded. These events are unprecedented, but they’re also out of your hands. Taking every measure to reduce stress will have you in a much better place by the time it’s resolved.