Looking for an all-in-one printer makes it easier for you to process paperwork, or possibly a creative portfolio. To keep legal documents that verify your identity to federal authorities, you’ll want a scanner that captures both sides of each page. There are other features you should consider when looking for a printer that is able to meet your needs.

Things to Look For in a Printer


Advanced scanning technology can save you a lot of time. Printers with an automatic document feeder can deliver several pages at once can be convenient. Printing services Fairfax County VA store models with high resolution imaging, which helps customize greeting cards, flyers and posters you may need for a specific workplace event. Flat-bed scanners can help capture photography that was poorly taken.

Duty Cycles

A duty cycle regulates how fast you’re able to receive each page from the printer. If you often compile long, detailed reports for your job, you want a laser printer. They have faster duty cycles than inkjet models. If you’re a business executive, you likely wouldn’t prefer a model that prints less. You won’t have to change cartridges frequently for a machine that can print 4,000 or more pages monthly.

Wireless Service

Home computers can access a printer through LAN connectivity. An office where many employees rely on desktops for printing would benefit from a machine that provides LAN. You’re better able to print different documents more quickly from whichever device you used to set up the printing. As a recent feature, wireless service can send and read data. Some printers offer Bluetooth and require a USB drive you can use to store data. Manually USB allows the printer to read data from the documents you want to print.

Whether you prefer an inkjet or laser printer, both models are multifunctional. Your printer can either deliver paper from the feed or scan and capture documents. Printing technology has improved over the past decade and offers more options for people with varying needs.