Careers That Don’t Require a College Degree

Having a rewarding career isn’t always dependent on having a college degree. There are many careers to consider that don’t require attending college. If you are searching for some ideas, here is a list of careers that don’t require one.

Careers That Don’t Require a College Degree

Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents earn commissions by helping clients sell, rent or buy property. Real estate agents have the flexibility to choose their own hours and increase or decrease their workload to fit their needs.

Knowing how to get a real estate license can be tricky because each state has different requirements and regulations, but in most states it takes 3-6 months to complete. You can choose to work with an experienced team or start your own real estate business. Many people like to work with residential properties, but there is also lots of satisfaction when working with commercial units.

Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician’s job includes many things including processing prescriptions, administrative and bookkeeping tasks, filling prescriptions and preparing prescriptions to be sold to patients. Obtaining a pharmacy technician certification usually takes 9-12 months. If you like working with people in a health care setting, this would be a good option.

Sales Representative

Selling products or services isn’t for everyone, but if you are a natural born salesman there are countless careers in sales that pay well. They range from retail sales associates and car sales executives to medical device or pharmaceutical sale representatives. Whatever your background, you can find a sales job that requires little to no schooling. Many people find that working with a product they really like and are passionate about makes selling it to others easier.

Information Technology

There is always high demand in the information technology industry. If you like to work with computers, information technology is a great place to start and can continuously be built upon. There are several different information technology certifications that can be completed in as little as 6 months. Almost every type of business needs IT help, so your options are is ivermectin over the counter practically unlimited.


Estheticians are one of the fastest growing fields in the beauty industry. Estheticians preform things such as facials, manicures, pedicures, chemical peels, hair removal, advanced makeup and eyelash extensions. Depending on which certifications you get, you can start working as an esthetician in 4-6 months. 

Whether you are interested in health, business and technology or manufacturing professions, you can find a rewarding career that is right for you without a college degree.

Indigo Airlines Asked To Pay Passenger/Customer Rs 58,000 Over Flight Cancellation

Cancelling a journey/flight or refusing to board to a flier is going to charge a lot for domestic airlines as per the latest guidelines by the aviation controller (DGCA) Directorate General of Civil Aviation offers huge compensation in such cases. Based on the revised recompense norms, which are effectual from August 1, an airline should pay up to Rs 8,000–10,000 to a flier if by any circumstances they cancel or delay a flight for more than 2 Hours, while the recompense for not letting a passenger to board the airplane stands for around Rs 20,000.

As of now, airlines offer a skimpy sum of up to Rs 4,000 to 5,000 for both cancelling a flight and denied boarding. The modified compensation has been functional after wide-ranging consultations with every stakeholder which consist of the airlines. Fliers body, (APAI) Air Passengers Association of India founder and D Sudhakara Reddy (president), on the other hand, has stated that the latest norms leave few grey areas which required to be addressed. Airlines should pay a compensation of around Rs 4, 000–5,000 or book one-way basic ticket plus fuel price, any of which is cancelled/delayed flights having a obstruct time of up to one to two hour extra to repay the ticket price, in case a passenger has not been updated by the airlines according to the DGCA norms and regulations.

In any circumstances, if an airline delays or cancels its flight by 1 Hour or up to 2 Hours, the compensation sum will be Rs 8,000 or they need to book one-way basic ticket fare plus fuel price, either of them is less, besides the refund sum, as per the revised norms. A sum of Rs 10,000 or booked one-way ticket basic fare also in addition to this the airline fuel price, whichever is lesser, will be the reimbursement for flights. These particular hours will be calculated as an airline’s on-time performance (OTP) in addition to determining the reimbursement of a flight getting delayed or cancelled.

Assam Health Minister Himanta Sharma Says Cancer Strikes Those Who Sin

Himanta Biswa Sharma, BJP’s strategist of northeast and Assam health minister has been criticized and has been insulted by his former Congress colleagues, for linking the diseases that a person has with their past life. The Congress leader stated, “Accidents and all the life-threatening diseases are because of the sins that the person had committed in their past life”.

While speaking to school educators at a function organized by government lately in Guwahati, Mr. Sharma spoke about bad karma and good karma. An Assamese said, “When we commit some sin, Deity makes us agonize, we see sometimes youngsters getting attacked by disease like cancer, or we see accidents of youngsters, when you inquire about their conventual’s you learn, that it is god’s fairness, and nothing else.”

Mr. Sharma also alleged, Youngster might have done nothing, but his father must have done something wrong, or for that matter my mother or father did something wrong, circumstances of which I might have to face”. No one can get away from God’s righteousness.

The minister while distributing appointment letters to the teachers advised them to be honest and to work hard. Mr. Sharma himself is a graduate in law and has a degree of PhD.

Debabrata Saikia, a congress politician and leader in the assembly of Assam, said, “The comments given by Mr. Sharma were insensitive, and it has hurt the patients suffering from cancer. This shows his mentality”.

Assam minister commented on this, “Cancer disease is celestial fairness for sins”. P Chidambaram, Senior Congress leader, tweeted saying this is what swapping political group does to a person. He prompted Mr. Biswa to give a reply on Twitter, “Please don’t tweak my words, I simply said Hinduism believes in karma and the suffering of human being is linked with the absence of karma in past life. Don’t you believe in it? In your party, can Hindu viewpoint be discussed at all, well I don’t know.”

The comments given by the state health minister were also criticized by Assam’s opposition party AIUDF. Aminul Islam, All India United Democratic Front leader, stated, “Seeing the high number of cancer cases in Assam, Mr. Sharma is just trying to cover-up. He can’t control the ever-increasing cases of cancer there and has given up.”

Ever since he left Congress and has joined BJP, he has been accredited with BJP’s turn in fortune in the northeast. Months before the elections in Assam, BJP has welcomed him in the party and he has helped the party, for the first time to win power in the state. Mr. Sharma has also helped in winning over two more northeast states, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.

India Racing With Venezuela With Sixth Miss World Title

India overwhelmed the most prestigious moment with an Indian medical student, Ms. Manushi Chillar as Sixth Miss World while making the country compete with Venezuela, in its 67th edition. The glorious event took place at a Chinese seaside resort, Sanya, where Ms. Andrea Meza, Miss Mexico was announced as the first runner up and Ms Stephanie Hill, Miss England as the second runner up.

For India, it was an epic moment when Stephanie Del Valle, last year’s Miss World winner from Puerto Rico, presented the crown to Manushi. After 17 years of long journey for India, Manushi Chillar embarks herself in the history of the pageant after the leading Bollywood actresses Priyanka Chopra (2000) and Aishwarya Rai (1994), followed by Diana Haydon (1997) and Yukta Mookhey (1999).

The last response by Ms. Chillar made the judges astonish and spread applause from the audience. She says the biggest inspiration is her mom and she quoted, “I think a mother deserves the highest respect and when you talk about salary it’s not always about the cash, but I feel it’s the love and respect that you give to someone. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids. So, I think it is the job of the mother that deserves the highest salary.”

With her win, she clearly makes a strong stand for empowerment not only for women but also for mothers. She makes India proud with her prominent position as well as earnest thoughts and initiative like Project Shakti “a social campaign for women and girl on maintaining the hygiene during menstrual.”

Manushi, aged 20, is a profound medical student, who is professionally trained into classical dancing while enjoys painting and poetry as a hobby. From bagging Miss Campus Princess to Femina Miss India, she proves to be a successful example of Haryana’s social initiative “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao.

After winning the victorious title for India, Ms. Chillar aspires to complete her MBBS degree and hope to open non-profit hospitals in rural areas for treating the underprivileged or people with low incomes.

Amazon Shuts Down Product Discovery Platform Junglee

The Seattle based Amazon Company has supposedly shut down online items discovery platform, Junglee. This was started in February, in the year 2012, almost a year before came into continuation, Junglee signifies the worldwide e-commerce giant’s primary steps in the Indian market which is considered as the booming industry. The online items discovery service has been incorporated into Amazon India and will hereafter be an integral part of Local Finds, a stage launched authoritatively this July in the year 2017 for patrons to find and put up for sale the used and new products.

Commenting on the growth, a spokesperson from Amazon stated, “We make the peer-to-peer online shopping, selling and advertising experience throughout Junglee and incorporated it into, in the course of Local Finds to recommend a flawless shopping experience on an amalgamated platform.” She further stated, “Through our pilot, we came to know that in all cities we have clientele who have little products to endorse and sell – a few want to get price for their used items and products, others are usually creators, hobbyists, and local entrepreneurs, who to buy prednisone over the counter require finding the correct consumers for what they collect or make.

With Local Finds, we aspire to impeccably connect with the sellers and buyers, assist them quickly list and find out each other’s items and manage tension-free with payments, delivery, and customer service assisted by Amazon.” Local finds at present claims to supply to around 55,000 customers in numerous cities across the country. Founded by the Silicon Valley based talented tech entrepreneurs like: Venky Harinarayan, Anand Rajaraman, Ashish Gupta and Rakesh Mathur back in the year 1996, Junglee was later attained by Amazon beside PlanetAll. The deal was roughly valued at $285 Mn.

Having assigned over $6 Bn for India, Amazon is actually looking to cast a bigger net in the country in the course of its e-commerce trade as well as the beginning of latest products and services. By actually pulling the shutters on the Junglee, the most eminent leader Jeff Bezos has led the business and company which is likely looking to slash down on losses and break even, amidst augmented rivalry from rivals Paytm and Flipkart.

Tesla Brings In Its Electric Roadster Car And Electric Truck, And It Seems To Be Overwhelming

Tesla, the world’s famous company for electric vehicles, unveiled the prototype of the electric truck. Its production will begin from 2019. The company has introduced a roadster car as well. These are presented by the company’s CEO Elon Musk at the US-based design studio.

Coming on the development, Tesla claims that the semi-electric truck is capable of attaining the speed of 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5 Seconds. Up to 40 Tons of weight can be carried on this truck. With a high payload capacity, it can move at the speed of up to 100 kilometers per hour.

The company’s CEO claims that this truck is the safest and comfortable truck. Its price is yet to be disclosed. Compared to diesel-powered trucks, the expenditure for the distance of 1 kilometer is less than 20%. Once the full charge is done, it can distance up to 800 Kilometers with maximum weight. And with the charge of 30 Minutes through a mega charger, it can travel up to 400 Kilometers. It has features such as automatic braking system and lane tracking in addition to a most advanced feature—its nuclear explosion-proof windshield glasses.

Tesla Roadster electric car

This car was also launched during the roll out of the truck. It is the company’s first electric sports car. The top speed is more than 400 kilometers per hour, as indicated by the company. The fully charged car can cover 1,000 Kilometers.

In just 1.8 Seconds, it can catch the speed of 0 to 96 kilometers per hour. Tesla’s CEO also claimed that this car would be able to run faster than the speed of the plane.

The price factor of both the Tesla’s products is yet to be revealed. Whereas, Tesla isn’t the only company to introduce such cutting-edge products that meet future-based demand. There is recent addition of fuel-cell powered truck by the Nikola Motor Company. Similarly, the diesel engine manufacturer, Cummins, has also unveiled Class 7 electric truck. And, Class 8 truck was developed by Canada-based Loblaw Companies Limited.

The efforts of these electric vehicle manufacturers have been appreciated by consumers on a high note.

Priyanka Chopra Among Most Powerful Women In Entertainment, Media

Priyanka Chopra was born in the year 1982 (18th July). She is an Indian actress, film producer, singer, philanthropist, and the frontrunner of the most prestigious Miss World 2000 pageant. Priyanka Chopra is one of India’s highest and maximum paid actress and also the most well known and popular celebrities, Chopra popularly called as “PC Chops” has received several awards, which includes the most prestigious National Film Award and five Film fare Awards in her cap. In the year 2016, the Government of India honored her with the prestigious Padma Shri, it is considered as the fourth highest civilian honor, and Time magazine recognized her one of the 100 most powerful individual in the world.

Priyanka Chopra Among Most Powerful Women In Entertainment, Media

As stated Priyanka Chopra has been recognized one of the hundred Most Influential and Powerful lady in the World by Forbes, she is ranking at “Ninety Seven” on the list, and she is standing strong at number fifteen on the Media and Entertainment catalog. Chopra is placed behind JK Rowling (who is standing strong at number Eighty-Eight on overall catalog and at number “Thirteen” on Media & Entertainment) and the famous singer Beyonce is standing at number Four). “Chopra is perhaps the most thriving Bollywood performer to cross over to Hollywood,” as stated in her bio on sites available on internet. “As the lead super star of Quantico ABC’s series, she’s one of TV’s maximum earning actor and the first Indian performer to act in a drama series on American television show.”

Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) ranked at number 1 on the overall catalog, followed by (philanthropist Melinda Gates) the UK PM Theresa May, and (Sheryl Sandberg ) Facebook COO. Priyanka Chopra is at present shooting the 3rd series of her American Television show Quantico, planned to premiere in the month of January, and has 2 new Hollywood movies in her cap along her debut with the famous film Baywatch earlier this year. Priyanka Chopra has added more feathers in her cap by becoming the high-flying ambassador for UNICEF, lately travelling to Jordan where she raised knowledge and awareness about the troubles of Syrian refugees, particularly children.

Earthquake Can Be Detected Using New AI Technique

Earthquake is among the most dreadful natural calamities the human race has come across. It has the potential to destroy almost everything. Thus sensing its approach proves to be very important in order to take necessary steps. An artificial intelligence system is developed by a scientist to successfully foresee earthquakes, a progress that may assist to organize for natural disasters and thus save lives.

Earthquake Can Be Detected Using New AI Technique

The study recognized a hidden signal clueing to earthquakes and utilized this “fingerprint” to skill a machine learning algorithm to envisage future earthquakes. The team of researchers from the Boston University, the United States, and the University of Cambridge, the United Kingdom, studied the relations among earthquakes, faults, and precursor quakes, with the hopefulness of developing a technique to foresee earthquakes.

With the use of a lab-based system that imitates actual earthquakes, the research team utilized machine learning methods to analyze the acoustic signals approaching from the fault as it stimulated and explore for patterns. The team utilized steel blocks to thoroughly imitate the physical forces at toil in an actual earthquake and also logs the seismic sounds and signals that are released.

Machine learning was then utilized to exploit the association between the acoustic signal released from the fault and how near it is toward weakening. The machine learning algorithm was capable of recognizing a specific sound pattern, earlier deemed to be nothing more than sound that occurs long prior to an earthquake, according to the researchers.

The features of topamax online over the counter or this sound pattern can be utilized to provide an accurate evaluation of the pressure on the fault and to assess the time lasting prior to failure that becomes more and more specific as failure nears, they said.

Cambridge University’s Colin Humphreys, said, “For the first time, machine learning has been utilized to analyze the acoustic information to forecast when an earthquake will take place, long before it does, thus making available plenty of cautionary time—it is implausible what machine learning can do.”

Machine learning allows the scrutiny of datasets too huge to manage manually and explores data in an impartial manner that lets discoveries to be accomplished, according to researchers.

Facebook Messenger Rolls Discover Tab

Facebook, the social networking giant, has declared that it will be launching out in India the Discover tab. Discover tab is a new function in Messenger that makes it probable for users to browse and find business Pages and bots. This will be a steady launch, claimed the firm to the media in a statement.

You can locate the icon of Discover on the right hand lower corner of the Home screen for Messenger. This function will allow users browse lately visited businesses, categories and featured experiences, with the later two segments rotated and expanded out on a normal basis. Facebook claimed that both the bots & Pages as well as the featured unit in the different categories are revitalized regularly.

The Discover tab operates with new Messenger parametric codes, where users can scan the codes via the camera of the Messenger and connect to their favorite businesses and brands. Facebook, in the Messenger app, also included chat extensions that permit various users to chat at the same time with the same business.

Lately, Facebook rolled out Messenger Platform 2.1. This platform comes with new aspects targeted at brands and developers, and is developed to assist them reach more potential users. The new aspects comprise in-built processing of natural language along with payments SDK. It also has a worldwide beta that is claimed to be instrumental in toggling between humans ivermectin where to buy and bots on Messenger., a firm that Facebook obtained in 2015, will be offering Natural Language Processing (NLP) technique for Messenger.

Even though has always been making available NLP to developers, in Messenger Platform 2.1, it will be accessible as an inbuilt feature that will also notice common phrases and words such as “bye,” “hello,” and “thanks” along with location, date & time, phone number, amount of money, and email addresses. As soon as the bot notices such types of messages from users, it will mechanically send an acknowledgment on the Messenger.

Well, let us see if the new feature of Discover tabs will be a success for the social media behemoth or not. Stay tuned!!!

Y Combinator To Support 18 Indian Startups This Year

President of most influential startup incubator of Silicon Valley Y Combinator, Sam Altman, is increasing its bid on India by 2x at a time when many sponsors have gone sluggish.

YC, as it is commonly recognized, educated as many as 18 startups in India in 2017, its uppermost ever since it vigorously got concerned with the country a couple of years back. Let us see as to what he has to say.

Y Combinator To Support 18 Indian Startups This Year

YC’s 2017 India intake numbers are the highest in any year. How’s that happened?

We have been going to India for the last few years. We’ve been fortunate enough to be an investor in a few of the successful companies in India. These founders talk to the startup community there about us. We see this in all the markets across the world: Once we can get the first few wins in a new geography , that perpetuates in the local community and then people say , ‘Oh, we’ve heard of them, founders said they were great’.

Will you look at setting up an India outpost?

Our goal is to take the 18 intakes in 2017 and keep increasing that number. We have no current plan to open an outpost, but I bet someday we would. That may be a few years off though.

Why are you bullish on the Indian startup ecosystem amid uncertainties?

I like to be bullish when everyone else is bearish. There are very few long-term investors, I think it is a big advantage for us that we are one. Most are chasing fashion or trying to make their LPs (limited partners) happy.

So what’s wrong with the tech investing class?

It is not only about the way funds are structured but also about what they are expected to do that particular year. So if India is hot, they’d be in India. If India is cold, you don’t want to be there. But we are excited and will happily make a lot of money in their absence.

When we met in 2015, a slug of money was coming into India. It’s been tougher for startups to raise capital since then…

We try and not get caught up in what other investors do. The way I look at investing is that, on any given day , what the stock market or any other investor is doing is a random number generator. But over time it does converge to reality . We continue to believe that there is something real happening when you buying topamax online in India. Like any exciting new thing, there will be ups and downs, there will be bubbles and busts, but we try and take a very long-term view here and not get too distracted by the ups and downs.

You told me during the heady days that you were not as much worried about the eye-popping valuations as you were about the cash-burn across startups. Is it looking different now?

I don’t know the current cash-burn situation at Indian startups. But in the US, in general it feels okay. There are plenty that are burning too much and will die. But on the whole, the burn is relative to the cash on hand, it’s reasonable.