Tesla Brings In Its Electric Roadster Car And Electric Truck, And It Seems To Be Overwhelming

Tesla, the world’s famous company for electric vehicles, unveiled the prototype of the electric truck. Its production will begin from 2019. The company has introduced a roadster car as well. These are presented by the company’s CEO Elon Musk at the US-based design studio. Coming on the development, Tesla claims that the semi-electric truck is […]

Earthquake Can Be Detected Using New AI Technique

Earthquake is among the most dreadful natural calamities the human race has come across. It has the potential to destroy almost everything. Thus sensing its approach proves to be very important in order to take necessary steps. An artificial intelligence system is developed by a scientist to successfully foresee earthquakes, a progress that may assist […]

India Has The Most Sluggish LTE Speeds

The UK-based mobile network performance calculating group, OpenSignal, has published its “State of LTE” report for November 2017. The report lists the nations that have the quickest average performance for 4G and those which have the least or most 4G accessibility. As per the report, India was placed at 11th position when it came to […]

Toyota Keeps In-House The Game-Changing Battery Tech

Anybody with even a superficial interest in electric car technology will understand and know how significant the growth of enhanced batteries is to the uptake of electric cars and for the future of electric cars as the substitute for combustion engine cars in a satisfactory quantity of time. At present, Toyota is already operating in […]

LinkedIn Launches Smart Replies to Make Messaging Easier

LinkedIn has been continually updating its experience of browsing on both mobile and desktop versions. The Microsoft-controlled professional linking platform has now upgraded its messaging facility for mobile and desktop users with the launching out of a fresh feature dubbed as “Smart Replies.” As the name recommends, Smart Replies are similar to the automatic replies […]

Dutch Offshore Wind Farm Designers In Discussion To Trade Green Energy To Corporates

Energy firms constricting wind farms off the Dutch coast are discussing to trade some of their green power straightly to huge companies rather than providing it to the wholesale sector, they claimed to the media. Makers of offshore wind farms have conventionally depended on government subsidy transactions to guarantee revenue, but considerable slashes in support […]

Twitter to Launch Bookmark Feature Shortly

Twitter, the social media platform, is operating on a feature related to “save for later.” This was disclosed by Jesar Shah, the product manager of the company, on Twitter. She claimed, “Hi Twitter! Many of you (especially in Japan!) have said you’d like to be able to easily + privately save Tweets for later. Right […]