Digital Modernism in Recruitments to Be New Normal

Organizations all over are opting more for adoption and automation of chatbots, and live digital interviews will put on additional momentum in upcoming couple of years, claims a report. As per a worldwide survey by KellyOCG, almost 55% of respondents involving 522 firms all over the world (comprising India), think that digital modernism for recruitments is going to be the fresh normal. “While companies are struggling with shortage of talent, there are more and more passive job hunters than ever before. This condition is boosting organizations to accept digital procedures,” Francis Padamadan, Country Director at KellyOCG India, claimed to the media in an interview.

Digital Modernism in Recruitments to Be New Normal

Padamadan additionally claimed that while many organizations are in the premature levels of recruiting automation, some are by now on the progressive & advanced stage and such vanguard innovators or organizations experience less hiring hurdles as compared to the organizations with more conventional approaches. Internationally, companies are employing technologies such as ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to electronically collect applications, CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system to improve the experience of the candidate, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and backend automation.

In addition to this, as 1/3rd of job hunters all over the world have searched for a job via their mobile handsets, mobile-controlled ATS is also turning out to be an important tech for firms, the report claimed to the media. It further added that 1 in 5 organizations intend using automation and AI in the upcoming 2 Years. According to the report, chatbots are having a huge role in strategic work such as bot-run interview prep class, recruiting concierge, responses to candidates, and talent community management. One more technology that has discovered large-scale acceptance is live digital interviewing. Almost 46% of those studied claim that they will in the upcoming couple of years utilize live digital interviewing.

“Candidates are turning out to be like users and companies are known that candidate relationship management will distinguish their company brand in the industry. Therefore, they have launched in automation and those who have used digital procedures are getting optimistic results. Complete computerization will be the way ahead,” claimed Padamadan.