Downfall of Ex-Samsung Strategy Chief Leaves Workers Disappointed

More than 40 Years, the 4th son of a underprivileged civil servant, Choi Gee-sung, worked his way to the lead of Samsung Group of South Korea, one of the top business companies in the world, inspiring a crowd of salaried employees.

Last week, a Seoul court punished Choi for 4 Years in jail for his participation in a scandal of corruption that tumbled the president of the country, and gave Jay Y. Lee, his billionaire boss, a jail sentence for 5 Years.

Downfall of Ex-Samsung Strategy Chief Leaves Workers Disappointed

Downfall of Choi has powered a sense of disenchantment at the time when the largest company of the country seeks to its soldiers of loyal “Samsung men” to steer a probable vacuum of leadership. The same court also gave Lee a 5-year sentence of, which his advocates quickly claimed he would appeal.

Choi was mentor of Lee and headed up Corporate Strategy Office of Samsung, named as the “control tower,” for over 4 Years prior to it was split up previously this year post it came below fire for its involvement in the graft scandal.

The office, which supervised the Samsung group, organizing support for weakened group associates or planning the huge moves on asset sales, was ended in February, and Choi came down.

The scandal of Samsung is the newest in a sequence to the so-called chaebols of mire South Korea. Chaebols are the family-run, powerful companies that rule 4th largest country in the Asia. They are criticized for their frequent cozy connections to politicians.

The participation of Choi, who raised as high in a company as possible for someone from outside the powerful families of chaebol, has surprised many Samsung workers who accepted his work ethic and business acumen that assisted Samsung turn out to be a worldwide powerhouse for technology.

“Choi has been depicted as a foster kid of a victorious businessman. I am angered and dejected by this disgrace,” claimed one Samsung worker who refused to be named.

An official from Samsung claimed, “It is hard to do a work similar to this without faithfulness. If the preceding generation’s structure of thinking was faithfulness, that’s got to modify going further.”