Footballer Drinks Beer From Cup Thrown At Teammate

Major League Soccer (MLS) footballer player Sebastian Giovinco drank in the environment and mood when his Toronto side drew 2-2 in the company of Atlanta, drinking a beer bottle thrown at partner Jozy Altidore by opponent fans recently. The event occurred during the conflict among Atlanta and association members Toronto on MLS Decision Day – the day of the week on which every MLS players plays at the same occasion with play-off places at venture.

Footballer Drinks Beer From Cup Thrown At Teammate

Toronto tracked 1-0 on the one hour mark, when Altidore handled against a Drew Moor throughout ball to push home an equalizer and went all the way way to party in front of the fans from Atlanta,putting all his ear to the audience. The grouping of Atlanta fans at the back their squad goal retorted by throwing artillery at Altidore, and also plastic mugs of beer landed just inches from the US-international demonstrator, who tried to start it before it hit the ground.

His Italian partner Giovinco was a step ahead of him; he picked up the cup, downing the residual contents before turning to rejoice with Altidore. Toronto fell at the back once again on 75 minutes but, 11 minutes later, the parched Giovinco scored a striking equalizer which took place in front of the 72,884 audience at the famous Mercedes-Benz Superdome located at New Orleans, Louisiana.

The former Juventus man’s inspiring strike ensures that the football game ended at the level of 2-2. Giovinco’s beer consumption act is comparable to an event that earlier took place in the Bulgarian First League, when FC Vereya champion Ivan Bandalovski took a mouthful from a bottle of beer that had been launched onto the pitch in a game beside Levski Sofia. He went on to attain a final minute equalizer.