Increasing Application Base of Modified Starch to Uplift Its Market Growth

Starch derivatives, or more commonly known as modified starch, are made by enzymatically, chemically, or physically treating the native starch to modify its properties. They are utilized basically in all starch applications, such as a disintegrant in pharmaceuticals; in coated paper as a binder; and in food products as a stabilizer, emulsifier, or thickening agent. Starches are altered to improve their performance in diverse applications. They may be altered to escalate their stability against extreme acid, heat, time, shear, freezing, or cooling; to shorten or lengthen the time of gelatinization; to alter their texture; to increase or decrease their viscosity; or to elevate their visco-stability.

Increasing Application Base of Modified Starch to Uplift Its Market Growth

A rising demand has been witnessed for modified starch as a thickening agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, and binder in the paper, textile, and food & beverage applications. This, in turn, is anticipated to fuel the growth of the modified starch market in the near future. There have been positive waves of a healthy development in the market owing to the constant research and development activities in this particular area and thus have amplified its application base. The rising cognizance regarding the functional food and the growing requirement for natural ingredients in feed and food have provided stimulus to the development of the market globally. Apart from this, the growing request for health food is also positively influencing the growth of the market.

The increasing alertness among customers about their general health has given rise to the need for high nutritional value diet. Moreover, the growing need for natural sweeteners in beverages, particularly in noncarbonated soft drinks and energy drinks owing to their low-calorie value is anticipated to come up with new prospects for the growth of this market. Furthermore, the growing need for modified starch from the biofuel industry has also driven the market growth. The amplifying modified starch sources and the favorable application extents are poised to further improve developmental avenue in the starch market.

Additionally, busy lifestyle, growing per capita expendable income, and growing population has driven the need for high nutritional value diet, which is further fueling the market growth. Nevertheless, changing prices of the raw material and growing usage of gum arabic may hamper the market growth to some extent.