Samsung Launches Independence Day Offer to Boost Market Share in India

Samsung, the consumer electronics giant in South Korea, will be rolling out an exciting scheme for all the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7 users that wish to buy them. As claimed by some industry sources, the firm is organizing an Independence Day scheme. As a fraction of the scheme, which goes live from August 1, the firm is offering exchange offers and cash back on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and S7. The scheme will be accessible on both offline and online stores.

Samsung Launches Independence Day Offer to Boost Market Share in India

As piece of the Independence Day scheme, the company is providing a guaranteed Rs 8,000 cash back on buying 128 GB version of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Apart from this, the users can also benefit a discount of almost Rs 12,000 on exchange of old handsets. The similar scheme is also accessible on the 64 GB version. Samsung Galaxy S7 users, conversely, stand an opportunity to get guaranteed Rs 4,000 cash back and discount of almost Rs 12,000 on exchange on buying the smartphone.

All these efforts are made in order to boost the market share of the company. In addition to this, Samsung also aims to increase the market stake of its contract chip production business 3 times within the coming 5 Years by insistently adding clients. This data was provided by a senior firm administrative to the media in an interview. He further added to his statement that the company aims new expansion drivers for the chips production.

Head and Executive Vice President of the new Samsung foundry arm, E.S. Jung, told the media last week at the Giheung chip campus of the South Korean firm that the company needs a 25% market stake within 5 Years. The firm will look to draw smaller users apart from the big-name clients to power the development.

The anticipated 5.3 Trillion Won ($4.76 Billion) trade at Samsung was divided into a separate division in May within its semiconductor arm. The senior firm administrative claimed in a clear statement that the technology major was gearing up to aim on the trade and slender the gap of big market share with leaders.