Take a look at Steve Jobs’ dream campus “Apple Park”

Apple has, at last, planned to start its new “Apple Park campus” in Cupertino, California. This brand new park is circular in shape and is the headquarters that Steve Jobs had dreamed of during his life. His basic idea was to nourish the employees’ ideas of bringing in the next generation technologies while sitting in the futuristic location surrounded by nature. The park has been built in order to reflect the tech giant’s value for both environment and technology.

Currently, the most happening topic of the town is the launch of the latest device that is the new Apple Watch, iPhone 8, and a face-detecting iPhone X. Steve Job’s Theater, which can accommodate up to 1000 people in its underground circular structure is where the presentations will take place. The theater has been built using 20-foot high glass, metallic carbon fiber roof, and it also has a huge lobby surrounded it. The 165 Feet lobby provides an excellent cellular service.

This park is just minutes away from Apple’s actual headquarter. The 175-acre campus is surrounded by the rolling hills and is far away from the suburban surroundings. The Apple’s Park has a number of young plants being planted along with the fresh smell of manure spreading across the surrounding. The running pathways through the campus will lead the employees to the meadow, small pond, or orchard. Thus, the need of fresh air by the employees is something the company is giving importance to while building such a marvelous landscape.

The new park is being powered by 100% renewable energy and it will be one of the largest solar panel systems to ever have been used. The seats placed in the theater are made up of brown leather and also have power ports attached or hidden underneath for the customers’ service. After the presentation, the park’s lobby area was left for demo so that people could try out the latest devices. The company plans to keep the Apple Store and cafe present at the entrance open to the public whereas the green areas will be totally shut for them.

At last, Steve Jobs’ dream campus has been brought to life.###