Two Amazons’ Ready for Flipkart This Season

The yearly fight to maintain superiority over the e-commerce segment has started one more time and the top-2 companies, Flipkart and Amazon, have given an obvious indication, via their ads, that like every time they will go beyond their powers to be in front in the game.

Two Amazons' Ready for Flipkart This Season

A day post Flipkart declared the news ahead of the vital festive season, Amazon has also come with its vocal swordplay. “Two Amazons will supply service to users this season of festivals as compared to 2016,” the India head of the global company Amit Agarwal claimed to the media in an interview. This can be alleged as a threatening message to opponents.

The comments came a day post Flipkart claimed that it might increase its gross sales 3x this festive season and increase its lead 2x over Amazon. Flipkart had claimed that it traded 15.5 Million at the time of the 5-day sale in 2017, while Amazon had claimed it traded over 15 Million units. Agarwal claimed that he did not need to reply on misled views, adding that the firm was beginning this season of festival in a management position on parameters such as delivery, selections, traffic, value, and number of active consumers from 3rd-party apps, as well as data on sales from sellers and carriers. “We have a more mathematical and scientific way to settle on that we are a leader,” further said Agarwal.

Flipkart anticipates 60–65% of its GMV to arrive from exclusive goods on its platform all over segments, comprising fashion, smartphones, and large appliances. “We are making an entry this season of festival with a sturdy momentum and in a management position which permits us to offer users the best experience up till now. We anticipate that this season to be the largest shopping season in our history and have the biggest user base shop with us at the time of this period,” Agarwal claimed to the reporters.

Amazon has increased its logistics and total storage capacity by 2x to 13 Million Cubic Feet.

Let us see who will dominate the market this season.