Use Of Airbags, Speed Alert System, And Parking Sensors To Be Obligatory From July 2019

All cars that will be made from 2019 will obligatory have airbags, seat belt reminder, speed warning system to alert more than 80 kilometers per hour speed, reverse parking alerts, manual override system, and more features. Ministry of Road and Transportation has stamped this. At the present stage, the above-mentioned safety parameters are used only in expensive and luxury cars.

Use Of Airbags, Speed Alert System, And Parking Sensors To Be Obligatory From July 2019

Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, have taken this decision in view of reducing road accidents in India. As per the survey, out of the 1.5 Lakh people who died in India in 2016, 74,000 people were killed in road accidents. And a majority of the lives are lost due to over speeding.
According to a source in the Transport Ministry, the system will be fitted in new cars, which will give audio alerts if speed is more than 80 kilometers per hour. The speed of this alert will be even faster if the speed figure goes above 100 kilometers per hour. If it is more than 120 kilometers per hour, it will continue to ring.

In case of power failure, if the central locking system ceases to work, drivers and passengers can easily get out of the car with a manual system. Reverse parking alert will be given in cars to reduce the accidents occurring during reverse parking. When the car goes back in reverse gear, the driver will continue to be aware of the rear monitoring range, whether there is an object or not.

Sources in the Ministry of Transportation have said that airbags and reverse parking sensors will be made mandatory for the light commercial vehicles running in the city.

This move by the transport ministry will not only favor the customer’s life but also decrease the damage caused to the government property on roads. However, the implementation of this amendment will no doubt turn out to be a headache for the automakers as these features are provided either in a top variant of the vehicles or in the premium vehicles. In almost all the foreign countries these features are obligatory present before delivering the vehicle, no matter what variant customers prefer.