Fiio Rolls X3 Mark III Audio Player in India

Fiio, the Chinese audio maker, has rolled out X3 Mark III. The new device is the 3rd in range of the X3 series of audio players that are high-res in nature. The device has a price tag of Rs 14,990. The X3 Mark III unites both 2.5 mm balanced output as well as 3.5 mm single-ended headphone, which improves the quality of the sound. The device also has the fresh dual DACs, which permit a higher signal-to-noise ratio and noise reduction.

Fiio Rolls X3 Mark III Audio Player in India

The X3 Mark III has a fresh button for multi function; just a single press will permit you the right of entry to the equalizer and playback controls as well. And like many of the Fiio gadgets, the Fiio X3 Mark III is certified with Hi-Res Audio so you can feel loss-less sound and it also backs a range of loss-less audio types such as WMA, WAV, ALAC, FLAC, DFF, and DSF. It is backed by Bluetooth 4.1v that arrives from the F1C81 chipset and, as per the firm, allows transmission of low latency that provides high quality of the music.

On the storage end, it backs up to 256 GB of microSD card, which indicates that you can carry your complete playlist all the time with you and almost 8,000 FLAC files. The new gadgets sports both deep-sleep and power-saving standby mode, so it will wake up instantaneously when you embrace the device and go in sleep mode if has not been utilized for a long time. As per the firm, the X3 Mark III will last roughly 19 Days on standby mode. To make handling simple, the device will now back all the in-line control measures.

The new X3 Mark III can also be fitted into the K5 docking amplifier headphone for a completely-featured amplifier desktop system. The device will be accessible on, its official website.

In a nut shell, the new X3 Mark III from Fiio will be a turning point in the profit chart of the company. By shelling out 14K, users are getting tons of features that are not only worth the money but a piece of technology as well.