Google Maps Receives Picture-In-Picture Feature

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode is one of the coolest features of the new Android operating system, Android 8.0 Oreo. The feature permits consumers to view videos while operating on any app at the same time. The feature is now supposedly arriving to Google Maps.

Google Maps Receives Picture-In-Picture Feature

As per a report, Google has launched the Google Maps with the same feature. It is worth mentioning that the PiP mode arrived to Google Maps in the version 9.59 but is now upgraded in the version 9.60 with fixes to bugs. The upgraded PiP feature in the Google Maps version 9.60 now operates along with the navigation mode too. At the corner of the screen it displays a small window while the consumers are way on their trip. The window remains at the corner of the display while utilizing other applications at the back. The window showcases the name of the road, turn indicator, and the probable time when consumers must arrive at their destination.

At the time of the app teardown, the report has also revealed some fresh features that may strike officially to Google Maps soon. “Personal Notes” is one of the features that for now appear similar to a regular note-taking ability. Consumers will be capable of editing, writing, and deleting the note. One more feature discovered is that Google Maps might shortly let consumers give food photos and reviews. Consumers will be capable of sharing what they ordered, reviewing it and rating it. They will also be capable of adding photos.

While the PiP mode is merely one of the next prednisone 20 mg to buy features in the new operating system, most of the features that the new version of OS will comprise are smart text selection, notification dots, improved battery life, system optimization, redesigned emojis, pinning app shortcuts, and adaptive icons. We can anticipate the next Pixel handsets to operate on Android O. On the other hand, most of the OEMs have unveiled a few of their gadgets that will receive the version. OnePlus has previously claimed that its OnePlus 3T and 3 will receive Android O. Asus as well has verified the same for its handsets.