India Has The Most Sluggish LTE Speeds

The UK-based mobile network performance calculating group, OpenSignal, has published its “State of LTE” report for November 2017. The report lists the nations that have the quickest average performance for 4G and those which have the least or most 4G accessibility.

India Has The Most Sluggish LTE Speeds

As per the report, India was placed at 11th position when it came to nations with most 4G accessibility. Based on the ranking, South Korea leads the list with 96.69% saturation of connectivity for 4G. Following South Korea in sequence are:

  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Hong Kong
  • The US
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania
  • The Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • India

It has been cited that India has 84.03% saturation of connectivity for 4G. This is a tad bit less than Australia’s 84.46%.

In contrast, India, in spite of having a good saturation percentage is the last in 77 nations when it comes to speeds for 4G connectivity, the nation has average download linkage speed of 6.13 Mbps. The top 10 nations in the list are

  • Singapore (46.64 Mbps)
  • South Korea (45.85 Mbps)
  • Norway (42.03 Mbps)
  • Hungary (42 Mbps)
  • Netherlands (38.91 Mbps)
  • Luxembourg (36.56 Mbps)
  • Australia (34.09 Mbps)
  • Denmark (33.85 Mbps)
  • Bulgaria (33.60 Mbps)
  • New Zealand (33.23 Mbps)

Prior to India is Costa Rica with speed of 6.98 Mbps.

“In the mean time, India is an even greater example of the similar trend. It has one of the leading LTE accessibility scores all over the world, but also the most sluggish LTE rating for speed of the 77 nations in this report,” claims the report. “In the mean time, Ireland and Ecuador find themselves in the conflicting situation. Both had calculated LTE speeds well advanced of the worldwide average; but in both the nations, users might find an LTE signal only 50% of the time.”

OpenSignal claims that the model data accumulated is from July 1, 2017, to October 1, 2017. The information came from more than 38 Lakh gadgets. The report claims that the worldwide average 4G speed for download has elevated marginally to 16.6 Mbps from 16.2 Mbps in the past 6 Months.