Kaspersky Lab Claims It Will Present Software For Independent Evaluation

Kaspersky Lab will request individual parties to carry out safety reviews of its extensively utilized anti-virus software to assist dispel blames that the government of Russia employs the software to carry out spying, the Moscow-located firm claimed this week to the media. Kaspersky claimed in a statement that it might present the source code of its product and updates of the future product for evaluation in accordance with various stakeholders and the broader information-security community. It also pledged to have outside parties evaluate other features of its commerce, including development of the software.

Kaspersky Lab Claims It Will Present Software For Independent Evaluation

Opinions of the software, which is employed on almost 400 Million PCs all over the world, will start by the quarter one of 2018, the firm claimed. The firm did not name the exterior reviewers, but claimed in a statement that it might soon declare parties with sturdy qualifications in assurance testing and software security for cyber-security items. Donald Trump’s, the President of the U.S., management last month banned government organizations from employing anti-virus products of Kaspersky Lab, mentioning concerns that the firm was defenseless to Kremlin control and that employment of its software might risk national security.

Kaspersky has frequently refused those blames, claiming it has not assisted Russia or other governments connect in spying. The decision of Trump management indicated a sharp answer to what the U.S. intelligence organizations have defined as a threat for national security caused in cyberspace by Russia, following the U.S. election year stained by accusations that Moscow weaponized the Internet in a bid to manipulate its results. Eugene Kaspersky, Chief Executive Officer, claimed in a statement that he thought the steps declared this week might assist reinstate trust in his firm.

“We need to display how we are fully transparent and open,” he claimed. “We have nothing to conceal.” The firm claimed it might open transparency hubs in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. where governments, users, and others can access outcomes of the exterior reviews and talk about any concerns regarding the security of Kaspersky software.

It also claimed that it might develop a program where it pays individual security scientists to find safety vulnerabilities in its goods.