Tesla to Transport More Battery Installers to Restore Power to Puerto Rico

Elon Musk, CEO of the U.S. battery and electric car maker Tesla Inc., claimed last week that the firm will transport additional battery installers to Puerto Rico to assist re-establish power post Hurricane Maria blew out all fuel on the island more than a time of two weeks.

Tesla to Transport More Battery Installers to Restore Power to Puerto Rico

Musk also claimed in a tweet that he seeks forward to speak to Ricardo Rossello, the Governor of Puerto Rico, last week about what the company might do to assist re-establish power. “The interior Tesla Powerwall set up team in Puerto Rico is right now very tiny. Transporting skilled installers from continental U.S. to train and hire local group as fast as possible,” Elon Musk claimed in a tweet, indicating to the Powerwall battery system of the company. Tesla refused to comment additionally.

Back in September, Tesla claimed that it was transporting millions of batteries to Puerto Rico that assist amass power created by solar panels to offer emergency assistance at the rear of Hurricane Maria. Maria blew Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, as an extremely hazardous Category Four hurricane with winds almost 249 km per hour (155 miles per hour), cutting off supply to all 3.4 Million people on the island.

As last week, the PREPA (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority), power company of Puerto Rico, had regained power to just almost 9% of the electric users of the island. In reply to a question for assistance last week from Rossello, Musk claimed in a tweet “I might be pleased to speak. Expectantly, Tesla can be useful.” The governor claimed to Musk in a tweet “Let’s meet. Do you need to show the globe the scalability and power of your Tesla technologies? Puerto Rico might be that noteworthy project.”

Tesla has claimed that it might connect batteries with solar panels to offer electricity with no burning of fossil energy. “The team of Tesla has carried this out for many tiny islands all over the globe, but there is no limit of scalability, so it can be carried out for Puerto Rico as well,” Musk claimed last week in a tweet.